Oh wow these girls are brilliant.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor | Johann Sebastian Bach.

I wonder how long it took to practice this shit

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This is my “icantbelieveitstechweek” face #youngbutready #firsttimedirector

This is my “icantbelieveitstechweek” face #youngbutready #firsttimedirector






And Littlefoot knew for certain that he was alone. 

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Bambi and Lion King immediately tried to distract children from the deaths of the parents. Bambi had the sweet little birds come flying in, and singers coming in to sing about them. Lion King, while they showed Simba running away, Scar ascending the throne, we can’t focus on that TOO much so let’s throw in a wacky, zany song by two new characters who sing about forgetting your worries! No, quick, jingle the shiny keys in the sad child’s face before they get too sad about the dead characters!

But Don Bluth and his team brought a movie that showed actual stages of grief with this little dinosaur and it is powerful to this day. 


This movie was too deep for my childhood.

This movie is too deep for my adulthood.

I’m almost finished with my parks and rec rewatch and i don’t wanna be :(

So this just happened

7:42:00 AM] loud_hearts8: what’s up?

[7:42:20 AM] Phananigans: who are you?
[7:42:49 AM] loud_hearts8: well i just took a bubble bath, u sound nice lets have some fun..
[7:43:24 AM] Phananigans: this doesnt seem right
[7:43:56 AM] loud_hearts8: my video camera is turned on.. . wanna take a look? Ill show you but dont tell any one, ok?
[7:44:27 AM] Phananigans: i think you are a computer woman
[7:44:41 AM] loud_hearts8: all womaan here baby 
[7:45:05 AM] Phananigans: You aren’t listening to me
[7:45:37 AM] loud_hearts8: im gooing to give you a cam invite, all ya have to do is Accept, ill show you
[7:45:52 AM] Phananigans: YOU ARE NOT REAL
[7:46:17 AM] loud_hearts8: i’m basically naked right now, my nipples are sooo hard check it out lol
[7:46:37 AM] Phananigans: I’m going to kill you
[7:47:02 AM] loud_hearts8: this is me c me here (Random cam sex link) and click join (Accept invite)
[7:47:36 AM] Phananigans: I won’t do that because you aren’t a real person
[7:48:01 AM] loud_hearts8: it is completely free, its just for age verification purposes.. keeps the youngsters out.
[7:48:53 AM] Phananigans: we are having two different conversations right now
[7:49:23 AM] loud_hearts8: just get your login, hurry im wearing see thru panties.. im sooo hot
[7:50:22 AM] Phananigans: If you’re hot you should find a fan
[7:50:51 AM] loud_hearts8: ok once your in my webcam room go 2 private with me so we can chat just me n u
[7:51:26 AM] Phananigans: i swear you never listen to me

On a scale of Phantom of the Opera to Violet how well do you handle your deformity?

One thing they don’t tell you about becoming a Director…EVERYTHING BECOMES A STRESSFUL DECISION AND YOU START TO LOSE SLEEP 

Stop pretending that Thor isn’t the weakest of all the Marvel Phase 1 and even Phase 2 movies